Happy Anniversary, Immunobites!

Exactly one year ago, we published our first articles and began our journey to produce engaging content to highlight the broad field of immunology research. Over the past year, we (the Editorial Board) have faced PhD defenses, job changes, motherhood, and more—all in addition to volunteering our time and energy to manage this site. We certainly couldn’t do this without the hard work of our volunteer Contributors and their commitment to quality as they research and write their posts. Thank you for working with us!

Get caught up on your reading

To date, the most popular post on our site is our Immunology101 breakdown on Positive and Negative Selection of T Cells.

We’ve also curated a few “Editor’s Picks” from the past year:

Some stats for the data nerds…

In one year, Immunobites acquired:
171 Followers on Facebook
207 Followers on Twitter
19,916 Total visitors to immunobites.com

We’ve built a small but strong community of immunology-loving friends, and we truly thank you for following us, supporting us, and engaging with us. We encourage you to go back through our archives and discover something new, or reach out and let us know what you’re interested in learning! We look forward to continuing our efforts to communicate amazing science with you, one bite at a time.

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