Bite-sized immunology

ImmunoBites is a #SciComm project intended to convey readable, simplified digests of current immunology research and their context in the field.

We are preparing to launch the full site early Summer 2018. Stay tuned!


Immunology is a complex, fast moving, and intense field of study. Immunological underpinnings can be found in most fields of research, but especially those involving the biological sciences.

Keeping up with advances and discoveries can be challenging, but keeping new discoveries in context with immunology as a whole is nearly impossible. Or, it is for any one person. Thus: Immunobites!

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. -M. Curie

Become a Writer



Are you an immunologist, or a scientist with a field or project that touches immunology? If you are, ImmunoBites needs you.

The mission: Collaborate with other interested writers to produce and peer-edit reviews of recent articles and discoveries in immunology.   Place new discoveries in their historical and field-relevant context, written for an undergraduate and interested lay-person audience.

Contact us at and our editorial team will be in touch with writing opportunities.