Immunobites Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

In the United States, the past few weeks have been riddled with the brutal murders of innocent Black men and women. We remember George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all other members of the Black community that have senselessly lost their lives to police brutality as a result of systemic racism.

black lives matter

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and all protestors and agents of change across the nation and across the globe. We condemn systemic racism and white privilege that pervade everyday life and contribute to inequality in every facet of life, including science and science communication. And as communicators, we are committing to do better and to amplify Black voices in immunology and science. While we believe that words have the power to transform, inspire, and educate, we realize that our words simply are not enough.

Therefore, we commit to the following actions:

  1. Support #BlackInSTEM and amplify the voices of our Black colleagues and share their work regularly on our social media pages.
  2. Showcase published scientific materials in the area of immunology written by Black authors.
  3. Add interested Black voices to our authors list.We realize they these actions cannot be one time commitments and that we must work to build our Immunobites community to consistently amplify and include Black voices both now and always.

Black Lives Matter.

—The Immunobites Team

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